Saturday, 5 September 2015

Banff and Fairmont Hotsprings

Ok so I am WAY WAY behind on the blog, we are currently in Europe on our epic adventure. But I should press on with updating my blog....this update is for the end of February 2015.


So.....after a tearful farewell to Helena Lake we were on to our next adventure... Banff.


What a beautifully stunning view from downtown Banff.

View from top of Sulphur Mountain. I am absolutely petrified of heights and to do the Banff Gondola solo was a huge accomplishment, very proud of myself. Here are some pics from the way up the gondola and some from atop the mountain. Pretty amazing views. Photos don't do this place justice.... Stunning!

Unfortunately, I injured myself and was unable to do what everyone travels to Banff for, the slopes. Wade managed to get two days in at Lake Louise and Sunshine, which he utterly enjoyed. The slopes weren't the best due to a poor season on the west coast, however for a begginer it didn't matter.

More in Banff...

The beard was getting a little out of control....

I never got bored of this view...always looked beautiful.

Fairmont Hotsprings

After a week of hanging out in Banff, enjoying happy hour far too much at our resort, we headed south back into British Columbia to stay with some family friends in Fairmont Hot Springs.

We stayed with John and Jacqui, two of the most generous and kindest people you could ever meet. They both had a wicked sense of humour and made us laugh everyday. John's stories were so entertaining and often had us in stitches. Oh and he could make a mean coffee and kaluha. Oh and how could we forget their adorable little dog, Razzi, such a character.

The view of the Kootenay Mountains from John and Jacqui's home.
Wade was obsessed with capturing photos of this guy who would hang out for hours on his perch.

Wade just had to try out the natural hot springs, which were about 104 F.

A photo with the four of us and of course Razzi, such a wonderful time had in Fairmont Hot Springs.
Next stop... london, not before a 16 hour bus to Vancouver and a 7 hour flight to Heathrow.
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